Welcome to Bradley Stoke’s blog

This blog is a new venture for me, so it’s bound to be somewhat clumsy to start with.WordPress provides a lot of useful facilities and allows for a lot of customisation, but all this choice and flexibility gives me even more opportunity to make mistakes.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time I’ve published stuff on the internet or even written a blog. Several years ago I was fairly active on certain newsgroups and the inquisitive can easily search for my past entries by searching on Google Groups for the user name “Bradley Stoke”. I’ve also written a few blogs on my Stories OnLine site (http://storiesonline.net/library/authorBlog.php?id=967).

However, I thought I’d have another go at keeping a blog, principally because I’m currently publishing some new fiction on the internet and I didn’t think the Stories OnLine blog was quite the place to do that. The reason isn’t the quality of Stories OnLine’s blog service (which is pretty good), but the simple fact of association with the type of blog that generally appears on the site. I don’t expect my blogs to exactly conform to what you’d expect to read there.

So, what will my blogs be about?

Well, my first objective, of course, is self-promotion. I want to advertise the fiction I’ve written and encourage more people to read some of it.

However, there is another (even nobler) purpose which is to provide a kind of service to curious readers. When I’ve strayed into an author’s page, I’ve often wanted to explore further and that’s a facility I’ve never provided before. Very few of my blogs or posts on the internet have had much to say about my fiction. Nor for that matter about me.

However, don’t worry. I don’t intend to write much about me. The primary focus will be my fiction and to address the questions that readers have raised about it.

I won’t have much to say about the person behind Bradley Stoke. You won’t discover much about my state of health, my tax affairs, my relationship problems or my opinions about my neighbours. After all, what’s a pseudonym for if it isn’t for me to remain anonymous? Perhaps the real Bradley Stoke is Nicola Adams: top Olympic medallist. Perhaps the man behind the nym is Sir Roger Penrose: premier mathematical physicist. Or perhaps Bradley Stoke is the son or daughter of Mr and Mrs Stoke, West Plains, Missouri.

Who knows?

And, to be honest, who really cares?


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