The Love of Chris

Teen Spirit

Like many authors on the internet, I submit my stories to more than one site. And one site I’ve been contributing fiction for over 10 years is Literotica. Every now and then readers comment on my fiction or set one of my stories as a “favorite” (spelt that way because the site is American).

Recently my short story Teen Spirit  was given such an honour . In celebration of this accolade I display the illustration by Brett Empty from the now defunct pay site Ruthie’s Club. 

However, I always look at the details for those who “favorite” my fiction and usually the reason why my story has reached favour is less to do with plot, characterisation or writing style, but sexual fetishes and the like. In this case, I could see no pattern at all.

That was until I had a closer look at the by-lines of the other stories this reader had “favorited”.

All of them without exception were about “Chris”. And it didn’t seem to matter whether “Chris” was short for “Christopher” or “Christine”.

I’d like to think that the Chris who is the subject of Teen Spirit, a socially maladjusted 19 year old, was the kind of Chris that this reader loves the most, but I suspect that any story about “Chris” was all it takes for this reader.

I can’t pretend to understand why.



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