Voting and Libraries

The posts I’ve always hated in Stories OnLine and Literotica are those related to voting. But at the same time I’m also fascinated by them.

The reason I don’t like them is fairly obvious. The whole purpose of such posts is to provide an opportunity for those who don’t think their ratings are high enough to moan about them and for those whose ratings are high to boast .

Well, my votes are absolutely nothing to boast about. Neither on Literotica nor Stories OnLine do I ever get especially high votes. Obviously, I’d love to be immensely popular, but  as I’ve seen no correlation between popularity and quality I’m not sure it’s a goal worth striving for.

However, amongst the various metrics that Stories OnLine provide is one that shows the number of readers’ libraries my stories are in. Bizarrely, I’m doing rather well at the moment in being represented in readers’ libraries. My present novel, The Anomaly, is represented in three times as many libraries as it has attracted votes. (For the curious, these numbers are still modest, but it does mean that nearly 200 people have put this novel in their library which is actually quite flattering)

However, it still seems strange to me why this should have happened  with my current novel.  It’s attracted significantly more library entries than all my other stories and none of them has ever achieved triple digits before.

Obviously, I’d like to hope that at long last I might have posted a story that’ll get into the SoL Top Twenty, but I guess that when all’s settled down my fiction will remain as determinedly unpopular as ever.

However, perhaps I’m being hypocritical to admit I even care, given that I do very little to actually write the sort of story that normally gets a high rating.


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