Danter Dan

I’m sure I’m supposed to advocate the written word rather than the visual arts, but whatever…

This post is another plug for a visual artist, in this case someone from (I think) Mexico or (maybe) Spain who has his own website, 3Derotica (with an accent on the ‘o’) and who is variously known as Danter or Danterdan.

I’ve been a fan of his artwork for several years. He used to contribute to Renderosity, Renderotica and even DeviantArt.He is quite clearly a very individual voice: there’s no one else quite like him. He’s also an obsessive of some kind and genuinely eccentric. All very good things, I’m sure you’ll agree.

His artwork is focused on women and sex. No surprise there. Here’s a sample from his website:

Ironing pleasure part 1

Ironing pleasure part 1


You can immediately see several things about this sample picture which is typical of his art. The image is erotic, but the woman is not a standard featureless beauty. There is a lot of loving detail in the picture, particularly of such things as tan-lines, skin colour and areola. There is also gratuitous nudity, but somehow undercut by the almost random selection of the clothes she wears.

And then there’s the ironing board.

This is a peculiar fetish of Danter’s work and a major theme on his current site. This isn’t his only fetish. He’s been drawn to the peculiar notion of women being snatched into the sky by eagles.He also has a tendency to render women with pendulous breasts, disproportionately narrow waists and quite thick lips.

I wouldn’t say that any of these are particular fetishes of mine, but I think that visual art, especially erotic visual art, relies on fetishes of this nature to work and for me, at least, Danter is an artist whose illustrations most definitely work.




Mat Twassel

Several years ago when I was writing regular posts on the newsgroup alt.sex.stories.d, one of the other authors instituted something that he called the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival. The idea of the festival was for authors to contribute very short stories that were 100% stroke, and, by stroke, these are stories that have nothing to do with brain seizures and more to do with masturbation achieved by stories that contain virtually nothing but sex, sex and more sex.

Although the festival used my pseudonym, it had very little to do with me, though I think I might have contributed one short story. If you want to find out more about the tenuous link between me and this festival, then you’ll need to visit the website, but I think it was chosen in my honour precisely because I’m not the sort of person to get involved in this sort of festival, because I don’t particularly like stroke fiction and I’ve never written many flash stories (variously defined as stories of 300, 500 or 1,000 words).

So, who is Mat Twassel? Well, he has his own website just as I do on asstr.org, although he contributes to Stories OnLine he mustn’t be confused with the similarly named Mattwatt,  like me he used to be  a frequent contributor to the now defunct Ruthie’s Club and very much a stalwart of the Fish Tank.

He can also now be found contributing 3D Art Work to Renderotica which describes itself as “The Premier Adult Graphics Site Since 1999” which it may well be, although many of the contributors can also be found elsewhere, principally Renderosity and DeviantArt.

Mat Twassel has a very wry, perhaps tongue-in-cheek attitude towards his erotic fiction and now artwork which has its roots in his teenage craving for dirty stories. His fiction is relatively thoughtful and his artwork is coming on in leaps and bounds. A visit to Mat’s website on Renderotica reveals an artist who likes to write almost more than anything else. The text that supports his pictures is unusually long and well-written.

There is quite simply no one else on the website quite like him.

Nor are there many writers much like him amongst the dross at asstr.org or Stories OnLine.

Here’s an artist who is well recommended.

Time to Go

Time to Go

The Wertham Files

I’m sure by rights that if I were to plug anyone else on the internet I should be promoting another author, perhaps one who also writes what might be called erotica. However, since I read very little on-line fiction and haven’t enjoyed much of the stuff that calls itself erotic, maybe it’s best that I didn’t.

However, one site which I’ve come across recently that I think is worth promoting is The Wertham Files which is definitely not a sex story site although it does feature sex and it also contains stories.

It’s one of those websites that, perhaps a little like my own, treads that delicate line between satire of something distasteful and emulation of it. In this case, the site’s title makes relatively clear what it’s about.

Fredric Wertham was a campaigner in the 1950s whose highly influential view was that comic books were fundamentally dangerous for children. Although in a sense his campaign which culminated in the American Comics Code ultimately led to the creation of underground or alternative comics that subverted everything he believed in, his views are nonetheless anathema to those of us who believe that censorship is only acceptable in the most extreme cases.

This site is a kind of parody of the American 1950s comic books that upset Fredric Wertham, but they also (satirically I hope) portray the attitude towards women and sexuality that was prevalent at the time.

The artwork is deliberately very much of the period, with a lot of primary colours (mostly yellows and reds), chauvinistic male heroes, women who unquestioningly accept their subordinate roles, and an unthinking adherence to (American) nationalist principles.

And here’s a sample:

Literotica Top Twenty

So, while I indulge in vainglorious bragging about scraping into the Stories OnLine Top Twenty downloads of the week, how am I doing on Literotica’s Top Twenty?

Not so bad, really.

Chapter 6 of The Battle for the Known Unknown is up there at Number One in the list of Top Rated Stories of the last 30 days with the maximum score of 5.00 from a sum total of 8 votes. Further down at Number 14 is  Chapter 7 of The Battle for the Known Unknown with a massive 4.88 from another 8 votes. And there are other chapters also represented in the Top Fifty from (admittedly) not many votes.

Unlike in Stories OnLine, my fiction hardly rates at all in terms of recent downloads. The honour for Number One there goes to ‘A’ My Name is Alice by Emmah which is about “A mother and son in a ‘sticky’ situation” and has been downloaded by an impressive 7,773,914 times. Clearly nearly eight million people can’t be wrong, can they?

I’m sure that it won’t surprise anyone to learn that the only chapter of my new novel to get more than 2,000 downloads is Chapter One.

However, I shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me.

I’m very grateful that my fiction has been so highly rated. It’s pretty much made my day.

The Top Twenty

I recently joked in one of my blogs that my ambition was to be in the SoL Top Twenty.

Well, I should joke no longer. I wasn’t really expecting it, but there I now am at exactly Number 20 in theStories On Line Top 20 Ongoing Serials, by Weekly Downloads

My new novel, The Battle for the Known Unknown, is the first volume of an epic Science-Fiction trilogy called The Anomaly. Like almost all my fiction it is satirical, a bit subversive and not meant to be read by children. It’s also both a homage and a bit of a satire on the conventions of the epic Science Fiction trilogy, of which I’m not really a great fan but of which I am still rather fond.

So, there’s my novel just below Invid Fan‘s The Bells of Home with which it shares certain characteristics but not at all writing style, plot structure or characterisation. And it’s a long way below the top-rated story by Dual Writer called Recluse and Ghost which is even less like my novel.

I’ve never really thought of my fiction as being quite what the Stories OnLine reader is looking for. Furthermore, the Top Twenty is only a measurement of the number of downloads and not of popularity or of the consensus of quality that’s shown by the TPA heading. I shan’t comment on what I believe these measurements are actually evidence of, but I think most readers of my fiction can probably guess.

My real dread now is that having peeked over the parapet that my novel should be reviewed on Stories OnLine’s Reviews page. I may be wrong, but I’d be surprised whether my fiction could really appeal to the reviewers given what normally seems to rock their boat.

But at least I can now claim to have achieved one of my life’s (lesser) ambitions.

Kindle and E-Books

Although the Kindle is great, I wonder what its impact on publishing will be in the longer term.

There are two bad things about Amazon’s highly successful promotion of Kindle. The first is that it marginalises all other e-book publishers. And the second is that it ties in all Kindle owners to the Amazon bookstore. However, this is actually no worse than Apple’s role with regards to iTunes which has tied in all owners of iPads and iPods and iPhones to Apple’s loving grip.

However, it is possible to by-pass Amazon’s bookstore to get literature onto your Kindle. There are plenty of e-books available on the Internet in Mobi format. These include a huge amount of free fiction at Smashwords by a wide range of authors and my fiction on my own website.

So, what do you do?

Well, just do the following:

  1. Attach your Kindle to your USB port
  2. Find the directory listing on the KIndle through Explorer
  3. Find the e-book of your dreams in Mobi format (such as Just Friends or Cyberwhore)
  4. Copy across to your Kindle
  5. Read e-book on your Kindle.

It works and it doesn’t cost a penny.