Kindle and E-Books

Although the Kindle is great, I wonder what its impact on publishing will be in the longer term.

There are two bad things about Amazon’s highly successful promotion of Kindle. The first is that it marginalises all other e-book publishers. And the second is that it ties in all Kindle owners to the Amazon bookstore. However, this is actually no worse than Apple’s role with regards to iTunes which has tied in all owners of iPads and iPods and iPhones to Apple’s loving grip.

However, it is possible to by-pass Amazon’s bookstore to get literature onto your Kindle. There are plenty of e-books available on the Internet in Mobi format. These include a huge amount of free fiction at Smashwords by a wide range of authors and my fiction on my own website.

So, what do you do?

Well, just do the following:

  1. Attach your Kindle to your USB port
  2. Find the directory listing on the KIndle through Explorer
  3. Find the e-book of your dreams in Mobi format (such as Just Friends or Cyberwhore)
  4. Copy across to your Kindle
  5. Read e-book on your Kindle.

It works and it doesn’t cost a penny.


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