The Top Twenty

I recently joked in one of my blogs that my ambition was to be in the SoL Top Twenty.

Well, I should joke no longer. I wasn’t really expecting it, but there I now am at exactly Number 20 in theStories On Line Top 20 Ongoing Serials, by Weekly Downloads

My new novel, The Battle for the Known Unknown, is the first volume of an epic Science-Fiction trilogy called The Anomaly. Like almost all my fiction it is satirical, a bit subversive and not meant to be read by children. It’s also both a homage and a bit of a satire on the conventions of the epic Science Fiction trilogy, of which I’m not really a great fan but of which I am still rather fond.

So, there’s my novel just below Invid Fan‘s The Bells of Home with which it shares certain characteristics but not at all writing style, plot structure or characterisation. And it’s a long way below the top-rated story by Dual Writer called Recluse and Ghost which is even less like my novel.

I’ve never really thought of my fiction as being quite what the Stories OnLine reader is looking for. Furthermore, the Top Twenty is only a measurement of the number of downloads and not of popularity or of the consensus of quality that’s shown by the TPA heading. I shan’t comment on what I believe these measurements are actually evidence of, but I think most readers of my fiction can probably guess.

My real dread now is that having peeked over the parapet that my novel should be reviewed on Stories OnLine’s Reviews page. I may be wrong, but I’d be surprised whether my fiction could really appeal to the reviewers given what normally seems to rock their boat.

But at least I can now claim to have achieved one of my life’s (lesser) ambitions.


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