Literotica Top Twenty

So, while I indulge in vainglorious bragging about scraping into the Stories OnLine Top Twenty downloads of the week, how am I doing on Literotica’s Top Twenty?

Not so bad, really.

Chapter 6 of The Battle for the Known Unknown is up there at Number One in the list of Top Rated Stories of the last 30 days with the maximum score of 5.00 from a sum total of 8 votes. Further down at Number 14 is  Chapter 7 of The Battle for the Known Unknown with a massive 4.88 from another 8 votes. And there are other chapters also represented in the Top Fifty from (admittedly) not many votes.

Unlike in Stories OnLine, my fiction hardly rates at all in terms of recent downloads. The honour for Number One there goes to ‘A’ My Name is Alice by Emmah which is about “A mother and son in a ‘sticky’ situation” and has been downloaded by an impressive 7,773,914 times. Clearly nearly eight million people can’t be wrong, can they?

I’m sure that it won’t surprise anyone to learn that the only chapter of my new novel to get more than 2,000 downloads is Chapter One.

However, I shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me.

I’m very grateful that my fiction has been so highly rated. It’s pretty much made my day.


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