Mat Twassel

Several years ago when I was writing regular posts on the newsgroup, one of the other authors instituted something that he called the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival. The idea of the festival was for authors to contribute very short stories that were 100% stroke, and, by stroke, these are stories that have nothing to do with brain seizures and more to do with masturbation achieved by stories that contain virtually nothing but sex, sex and more sex.

Although the festival used my pseudonym, it had very little to do with me, though I think I might have contributed one short story. If you want to find out more about the tenuous link between me and this festival, then you’ll need to visit the website, but I think it was chosen in my honour precisely because I’m not the sort of person to get involved in this sort of festival, because I don’t particularly like stroke fiction and I’ve never written many flash stories (variously defined as stories of 300, 500 or 1,000 words).

So, who is Mat Twassel? Well, he has his own website just as I do on, although he contributes to Stories OnLine he mustn’t be confused with the similarly named Mattwatt,  like me he used to be  a frequent contributor to the now defunct Ruthie’s Club and very much a stalwart of the Fish Tank.

He can also now be found contributing 3D Art Work to Renderotica which describes itself as “The Premier Adult Graphics Site Since 1999” which it may well be, although many of the contributors can also be found elsewhere, principally Renderosity and DeviantArt.

Mat Twassel has a very wry, perhaps tongue-in-cheek attitude towards his erotic fiction and now artwork which has its roots in his teenage craving for dirty stories. His fiction is relatively thoughtful and his artwork is coming on in leaps and bounds. A visit to Mat’s website on Renderotica reveals an artist who likes to write almost more than anything else. The text that supports his pictures is unusually long and well-written.

There is quite simply no one else on the website quite like him.

Nor are there many writers much like him amongst the dross at or Stories OnLine.

Here’s an artist who is well recommended.

Time to Go

Time to Go


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