Danter Dan

I’m sure I’m supposed to advocate the written word rather than the visual arts, but whatever…

This post is another plug for a visual artist, in this case someone from (I think) Mexico or (maybe) Spain who has his own website, 3Derotica (with an accent on the ‘o’) and who is variously known as Danter or Danterdan.

I’ve been a fan of his artwork for several years. He used to contribute to Renderosity, Renderotica and even DeviantArt.He is quite clearly a very individual voice: there’s no one else quite like him. He’s also an obsessive of some kind and genuinely eccentric. All very good things, I’m sure you’ll agree.

His artwork is focused on women and sex. No surprise there. Here’s a sample from his website:

Ironing pleasure part 1

Ironing pleasure part 1


You can immediately see several things about this sample picture which is typical of his art. The image is erotic, but the woman is not a standard featureless beauty. There is a lot of loving detail in the picture, particularly of such things as tan-lines, skin colour and areola. There is also gratuitous nudity, but somehow undercut by the almost random selection of the clothes she wears.

And then there’s the ironing board.

This is a peculiar fetish of Danter’s work and a major theme on his current site. This isn’t his only fetish. He’s been drawn to the peculiar notion of women being snatched into the sky by eagles.He also has a tendency to render women with pendulous breasts, disproportionately narrow waists and quite thick lips.

I wouldn’t say that any of these are particular fetishes of mine, but I think that visual art, especially erotic visual art, relies on fetishes of this nature to work and for me, at least, Danter is an artist whose illustrations most definitely work.




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