Literotica and Browser Hits

Like a humourless manager who wants to show how cool he (most usually) or she is, here’s a Dilbert Cartoon:

Dilbert Cartoon

Dilbert Cartoon

However, in the case of Literotica the whole point of this cartoon, which is that those who try to do something about the relative ranking of queries in (for instance) Google is a total waste of time that only idiots fall for, seems to be refuted.

By the word “refuted”, I don’t mean the commonly used meaning which is “strongly denied”, but its actual meaning which is “proved logically incorrect”.

Quite clearly, Literotica know what they’re doing.

Whenever I search on Google for my own fiction (which all but a statistically insignificant number of authors periodically do), it’s my contributions to Literotica that rank by far the highest.

Manipulating search engine ranking isn’t something I’ve ever done nor (to be honest) something I’d really know how to do.

But clearly Literotica’s search engine tweaking guys know what they’re doing.


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