No Future

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve started submitting chapters for a satirical novel, No Future.

Like The Battle for the Known Unknown, I’ve been having trouble choosing a title. It had to be something that evoked England, and I’d thought of “Green and Pleasant Land” and “Hope & Glory”. However, the title “No Future” also comes from a quintessential English song, which is God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols.

I can’t claim to agree with the actual content of the lyrics, however much I sympathise with the sentiment. Whatever you think of Her Majesty it’s just not true that “She ain’t no human being”. And despite being in general agreement with the views of pundits like Noam Chomsky, Naomi Woolf and George Monbiot, I just don’t believe that England is or ever has been a “fascist regime”.

This novel is going to infuriate readers more than The Battle for the Known Unknown. There are a lot of chapters, a lot of characters, a lot of switches of time and place, but the intention is less to tell a story of individuals but rather a kind of future history of England and a straightforward linear narrative just wouldn’t work.

So, I apologise in advance.

If you haven’t got the patience for a story that will surely try your patience, then don’t bother with No Future. I’ve written plenty of other stories which may be more to your taste which you may be able to find on my website.

And in keeping with a tradition of including apposite pictures, here’s one by Sidney Goodman:

Sidney Goodman, Figures in a Landscape, 1972-3

Sidney Goodman, Figures in a Landscape, 1972-3



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