The Present Day, Only More So

It’s fair to say that my current novel No Future hasn’t really attracted nearly the number of votes or readers as did The Anomaly,  but I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t anticipated this. The novel isn’t as easy to read and it doesn’t use the tried and tested method of maintaining interest by throwing in lots of hints of mysteries to be resolved. However, like the similarly disregarded Alif, I think it’s still worthy of attention particularly (it has to be said) in the later chapters.

However, amongst the comments I’ve received is that my vision of the future isn’t really much different from the present. Well that’s absolutely true.Indeed, I find the present day so weird (and indeed any period from history) that I wonder just how far I have to go to write about a future that could never happen without breaking the laws of physics. In fact, one of my dreads is that some of the dystopian predictions I make actually comes true before I finish posting the novel. Then I’d have to do some rewriting to keep all this stuff some time in the near future.

For those who care, the truth is that I think the future will be pretty much like the present day, only more so. What I fear is that the malign trends which, for instance, make it plausible that the next president of the United States will be Mitt Romney, that Israel will launch  nuclear weapons against Iran, and rather than arrest climate change that the foot will be pressed ever harder on the pedal as we head towards irreversible environmental catastrophe. And if the perfect storm happens with no moderation then all bets will surely be off that the period of relatively gentle decline that I project in No Future will become significantly more precipitous and maybe even more lethal.

And with that thought, here’s a tribute to the Republican Party and its candidate Mitt Romney, about whom and his sterling work at Bain Capital there is an interesting article in Rolling Stone (and he is still considered electable):

London in the Future

London in the Future

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