First of all, it is genuinely a privilege and an honour to have fans.

And how do I know I have fans?

Well, Literotica, Stories OnLine, Smashwords and the other places where I submit fiction all make it fairly evident whether you have any repeat visitors and whether those who do read your fiction have a high opinion of it.

It’s a phenomenon which in normal life makes no sense whatsoever. Nobody is a fan of the real-life me in the usual sense of the word nor are any of the people I meet in the general round people I could claim to be fans of.

But when there is sufficient distance between you and the object of your adoration somehow it now becomes possible to be a fan.

I guess I should know.

I am and have been a fan of many people, both individuals and artists, over the years. It’s not an at all debilitating thing to be. All it means is that I have more than the usual amount of interest in them, even when what they do isn’t actually very good.

So, who am I a fan of at the moment?

Lots of things, but here are some that are particularly rocking my boat this week:

  1. The Roller Trio
  2. Hilary Mantel
  3. cellar-fcp
  4. Nicholas Jaar
  5. Nicola Adams
  6. Polly Toynbee

Next week, it will probably be a different list. I don’t promise to be anything but fickle and I don’t really expect my fans to be any different.

But I also feel a peculiar sense of responsibility towards my fans. I’ll just have to hope that it doesn’t cloud my judgement and make me tailor my fiction towards what my fans demand rather than towards what I believe is actually worth printing. (Unless, of course, the two things are exactly the same).


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