I guess I’ve never felt such a sense of relief after an American Presidential Election as I did after this one. Although the one four years ago came fairly close.

At least last time Americans were always going to vote in a President that was dramatically better than the one before (even a bucket of cold shit would have done a better job than President Dick Cheney and his simian sidekick). McCain, despite being a conservative and an American one at that, was immeasurably more palatable than his predecessor and more so than Mitt Romney who has already done sterling service at the head of a wealthy financial company to shift economic activity away from America and towards its competitors in low-wage economies in Asia.

Although, like many, I think Obama’s period of presidency has been a bit disappointing, it couldn’t possibly have been worse than that of a Mitt Romney whose puppet-masters, not to mention the baying hounds of his more visceral Tea Party supporters, will stop at nothing to drag America, and in its slipstream the rest of the world, ever closer to destruction and chaos while only the very wealthy benefit (if only for a while).

So I’m relieved however much I held the fantasy that perhaps the earlier rather than the eventual demise of the Western World might actually be to the long-term benefit of humanity and the planet on which we are mostly just perceived as a kind of blight.

And here’s a picture by Jo Schwab that has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of this blog:

Ana - Jo Schwab

Ana – Jo Schwab


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