The Age of Hobbits

Despite the obvious implication of the title, this blog isn’t about the latest film by Peter Jackson, but rather the subject of this interesting story in the Guardian:

Essentially, the film is a weird kind of rip-off of the hobbit title, but featuring not Middle Earth and Bilbo Baggins, but a load of small people who are supposed to represent the famous Homo Floresiensis otherwise known as “the hobbit” (and very much in quotation marks):

What fascinates me most is the film studio that made the film (The Asylum)  sort of makes a habit of producing films with deliberately misleading titles. These include The Terminators, The Amityville Haunting and Titanic II. These all belong to a genre of tribute exploitation movies known as mockbusters.

In a sense, it is dreadfully unethical.Think of all those poor souls who’ll walk out of Blockbusters with what they think will be yet another nonsensical episode of  giant children’s toys with a conscience and have bought instead Transmorphers And all those disappointed fans of Samuel L. Jackson who settle down to watch Snakes on a Train.

Of course, there is a venerable tradition of porn movies that also cash in on viewers’ expectations, but I wonder whether those people who rent, buy or pirate Whore of the Rings, Batman XXX or the Flintbones are really especially surprised when instead of good clean family fun, they are presented with a load of porn stars having sex with one another.

But for those who are fans of hobbit-related stuff, here’s an elf-related Middle-Earth oriented illustration from Patrick Lambert (aka Dendory):




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