So, if the Mayan prophecy comes true and this has been the last year of human civilisation, what’s there been to remember it by?

Well, in America it’ll probably be the re-election of President Obama and the long-overdue humiliation of the unhinged right. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the continued failure of NATO intervention and the disgraceful use of long-distance assassination by high-flying drones. In France, the ditching of President Sarkozy. And in Spain, their well-deserved victory in the Euro 2012.

But for Britain, the two most memorable things have been the 2012 Olympics and the most awful weather in God Knows how many years of history.

So, as we British celebrate both the rain and our superb results in the Olympics (spoilt only by the better performance by the Americans, Chinese and Russians), let’s mark the end of the year with a picture of some naked women by Kimberly Dow:


No Evil

No Evil


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