Marc Nobbs

It’s a fact of life that I don’t actually read much online fiction and I only follow the activities of other writers in a fairly desultory fashion. I’m sure that it’s a dreadful admission for someone who writes stuff on the internet and expects other people to read it, but there you are. I’m sure I’m not unique in this regard, but at least I’m honest about it.

However, other writers do sometimes come to my attention. And one such for whom I have a great deal of respect is Marc Nobbs.

He has a lot in common with me. He’s got a funny on-line name that does at least resemble a name. He used to contribute to Ruthie’s Club before it went defunct. He’s also published books on Smashwords. And he also has a WordPress blog like mine, but much more professionally managed. And furthermore he’s a Brit.

However, I doubt if many people will confuse me with Marc. In many ways, he is a much better fit as an author of erotica than I am and his fiction is likely to have a much broader appeal. He is also far more disciplined and focused than I am in the promotion of his fiction, for which I don’t begrudge him at all.

Although I don’t really read much mainstream erotica or even much of the alternative stuff, I believe that where there’s a demand it is best that the supply is well-written, imaginative and intelligent—and all these are characteristics of Marc’s fiction. If you want to find out more the best place to go to is Marc’s WordPress site which tells you more about his short stories and novels. He also attaches his remarkably frank literary autobiography which illustrates just how much Marc and I have passed as ships in the night through the world of online erotica.

So, a recommended fellow author, a fellow Brit and a fellow WordPress Blogger.

And because this post is about erotica, it gives me an excuse to highlight one of my favourite artists on the internet who goes by the name of Cellar-FCP:

Two Prostitutes by Cellar FCP

Two Prostitutes by Cellar FCP


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