A Perfect World

Zaporizja by AleksCG

There is a kind of half-acknowledged view amongst those of us who understand at least some science and have some kind of anchorage in the real world that those who hold the most absurd opinions on creationism, climate change and whatever other nonsense currently promulgated by the well-financed American right-wing that in the long run intelligent rational opinion will prevail. Eventually, even the Bible Belt will have to accept the very nearly self-evident truth of natural selection and will appreciate the absurdity of denying climate change when there is little left for actual events to do to provide yet more conclusive proof. After all, the argument goes, the resistance to the abolition of slavery eventually gave way when the views about the relative status of the various races of humanity was discredited.

Nevertheless, we know about slavery that it lasted substantially longer than the founding fathers of the United States expected (and still continues illegally throughout the world particularly in the sex industry). And we know that the ludicrous nonsense that is used to justify racism and the attendant genocides it justifies has lasted up to the present day (most obviously in Rwanda, Nazi Germany and Apatheid Suid Afrika).

And as an example of how self-evident nonsense can retain its pull, we need only look at modern orthodoxy in the all-powerful world of finance which despite the evidence of many meltdowns, crashes and the like (such as the DotCom Boom of the 1990s, the crash of the late 1980s and most recently the market meltdown from which we are all of us suffering), there is still a belief in monetarism based on the ideal of a perfect market place and an absolutely well-informed buyer.

And this despite the overwhelming evidence that greed, corruption, fraud and stupidity are what best characterise the market economy in which we all have (like it or not) a huge stake and in which our savings, our pensions and the continuance of modern society are totally committed.


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