Doubly Endowed (Illustration by Jaxtraw)

Doubly Endowed (Illustration by Jaxtraw)

Those who aren’t British or who have never lived in the blessed isles must sometimes wonder at the fellow feeling there is between Brits.

Well, in a web world dominated by adolescent morons and American right-wing lunatics, can you blame the few remaining sane people for seeking company amongst those who aren’t so clearly unhinged?

And so it is that I am plugging yet another Brit, this time the cartoonist Jaxtraw. Actually Jaxtraw and I have a history that goes back a long time. And it’s not just because he’s a Brit and that his sense of humour and mine overlap in very many places.

I first came across Jaxtraw’s illustrations many years ago and I liked them so much that I used a thumbnail of a picture I especially liked for my sex fantasy novel Innocence Lost. As you can see it makes no bones about what kind of illustration it is, and that’s one of the things I liked about it. It is also quite clearly the work of a talented cartoonist who knows enough about the technical details of his art to give a very convincing rendition of a very unlikely thing. And this was an illustration I saw before the huge growth in Futanari pictures all over the internet and to which it doesn’t really pay any homage at all.

Since then Jaxtraw and I have collaborated on the illustration for Doubly Endowed which is the very good picture which I’ve used to head this blog.

I’ve always enjoyed cartoons. It’s something about the economy of line that has attracted me. And a cartoon doesn’t have to be technically or stylishly accomplished to be good (viz. Dilbert), but it is a delight indeed when it is.

Jaxtraw’s art has become ever more impressive over the years. The artwork on his Lucy Lastique comic series on his website, Jaxtraw Studios, is well worth exploring. And it’s also worth checking out his blog, Jaxtraw’s Blog, to further sample his artwork and find out more abut the man.


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