Once upon a time, before Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace, there were newsgroups. And these operated outside the world of the world wide web and were often accessible from e-mail clients such as Outlook.

As the internet’s presence grew during the 1990s, Newsgroups actually grew from strength to strength and were saved from an early demise by Google who purchased Deja News which was a kind of newsgroup aggregator.

At the beginning of the century, I discovered Newsgroups through Google (where it was once given far greater prominence than it is these days) and discovered some interesting newsgroups including, which was otherwise known by its initials ASSD.

It was a lively newsgroup with some interesting participants among the usual suspects, but even in 2002 I felt that I’d missed its Golden Age. This was a period of activity which produced some very interesting activity including an amusing weekly story review magazine, attracted some genuinely talented writers and had a real sense of purpose. And so it was that at the tail-end of the newsgroup’s Golden Age I got involved, having already earned my membership by posting stories to and ASSTR. It was through ASSD that I also got involved in Ruthie’s Club, Stories OnLine and other websites.

However, even in 2002, ASSD was a minefield which had to be navigated with care. For a start, all posts had to have headings that began {assd} to be distinguishable from spam. Once you’d got past that hurdle, there were still trolls, egos and dross to negotiate before you found the good stuff.

However, I got steadily more bored with the newsgroup over time and my participation dwindled to virtually nothing. Of course, I wasn’t alone. There’s a good reason why newsgroups are hardly at all promoted by Google any more (even though it has essentially been their saviour). They are all dominated by spam and trolls, of which there is considerably more of the former. One or two decent newsgroups no doubt still exist, but on the whole like any chamber with few participants the newsgroups have become more a window on a world of squabbling die-hards than one onto an expanding world of opportunity (as once upon a time it used to be).

I couldn’t recommend anyone a visit to any of the newsgroups any more: not even ASSD. That is unless your idea of fun is reading the same crappy spam that your spam-filter protects your e-mail account from. It’s now nothing more than a kind of relic of an earlier age of online adult fiction which as far as I can see has not yet been bettered.

And so, as this is a blog about sex fiction, here’s an image by the interesting 3d erotic artist Erogenesis featuring his intriguing character Lali:

Lali's Sock Puppet (Erogenesis)

Lali’s Sock Puppet (Erogenesis)


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