Two Conversations: Rainbowgirl (Dorothea)

Two Conversations: Rainbowgirl (Dorothea)

The above is a picture by Rainbowgirl (Otherwise known as Dorothea) who does illustrations which are very much to do with her sexuality and her lesbian lifestyle.

It has probably escaped the attention of very few readers of my fiction that I am attracted to writing stories about women who are attracted to other women, although I’d hesitate to say that the majority of them would be self-identified as lesbian. Nonetheless many of them are about lesbians (as opposed to women who are bisexual or sexually adventurous) and I’ve tried to capture some of what I know about lesbians and lesbian lifestyle from my necessarily distant perspective.

One such story is Koochy which is also one of my most popular and has been generally well-reviewed. It still attracts attention more than ten years after it was written as in the case of a recent comment in Literotica. I always appreciate reviews, but I can’t of course personally acknowledge any sent anonymously.

Koochy is not just about lesbianism, of course. It’s mostly set in the North London squatting scene and the parties that were and, no doubt, still held in such places. And, of course, alternative dance music is the main music. This varies over time, of course, and still varies from place to place but generally features the dubstep that Skrillex wouldn’t understand, the drum & bass that Pendulum would defile and the techno that would never be played by DeadMau5.

And, of course, there’s the drugs.

The title of the story is based on a tune by Armand Van Helden that I don’t actually like (even though it uses a sample from Gary Numan’s Cars). I do like some other stuff by him, but what I liked best was the title.

I’m not even 100% sure that “Koochy” means what I think it does, but I like the sound of the word and it was somehow quite appropriate for my little story of sex, drugs and contemporary dance music.


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