No Future

No Future

No Future

I rather like post-apocalyptic art, rather like the illustration above (by whom I don’t actually know), and there’s a grand tradition in post-apocalyptic fiction and, indeed, given all the zombie movies that dominate the world, mid-apocalyptic and trans-apocalyptic and even ultra-apocalyptic fiction.

No Future, on the other hand, is pre-apocalyptic fiction. It is intended to show the process that, step by step, and with little discernible pattern, leads inexorably towards apocalypse: a pattern best illustrated by the way the world empires of 1914 stumbled into the First World War that destroyed almost everything that the main protagonists thought they were fighting for.

I’ve now posted No Future on the internet, and it can be found in the following places and in the following formats:

  1.  ASSTR (HTML)
  2. ASSTR (e-books, inc. LIT MOBI and EPUB)
  3. ASSTR (PDF)
  4. ASSTR (ASCII text)
  5. Literotica (HTML)
  6. Stories OnLine (HTML)
  7. Smashwords

No doubt before long it will also be available in some other places almost certainly without my express permission and in some cases with some utterly inappropriate pictures and a rather bizarre selection of words highlighted and associated with links to some very peculiar websites.

But in the meantime you have the opportunity to read from a novel that’s been variously described as “confusing” and “depressing”, but  also “ambitious” and “fascinating”. 

It’s also got sex, violence, satire and, of course, the end of the world.


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