The Anomaly Volume Two

The Colony - Arthur Blue

The Colony – Arthur Blue

The above image is by Arthur Blue or Artur Rosa as he’s no doubt better known by his friends and family in Portugal.

This post is to announce that I shall soon be posting chapters of the second volume of The Anomaly Science Fiction trilogy.

This is a Science Fiction trilogy that conforms to all the rules governing such epics, and in this case The Anomaly is no different. Volume Two is a bridge between Volumes One and Three, in which the themes, characters and narrative of the first volume progress with the promise of being resolved in Volume Three.

Volume Two is entitled The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown to maintain the Donald Rumsfeld theme of the first volume and I hope the title is appropriate for what happens. In other words it’s about the schemes of entities that are unknown to the extent that no one even suspects that they might exist in the first place. That I guess is the meaning of “Unknown Unknown”, as opposed to “Known Unknown” which is something which we know exists but still don’t know what it is.

This volume is the darkest and most confusing of the three volumes and is unlikely to be anyone’s firm favourite, but this again conforms to the structure of all Science Fiction trilogies. The first volume gets things going and the third volume wraps everything up, leaving the second volume the uncelebrated role of getting from the first volume to the third volume with enough new things to keep things intriguing, but without actually resolving everything.

I hope you’ll enjoy this volume which will answer many of the questions raised in Volume One while raising new ones that mightn’t be answered until Volume Three, On the way there is plenty of sex, violence, science fiction and satire to satisfy almost everyone (except those who hate all or any of those things!)





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