Aubrey Rose

Voluminous Sisters: Herr Buchta

Voluminous Sisters: Herr Buchta

Although I’ve written a couple of short stories about voluminous or even voluptuous women (most notably Fat Chance and Size Discrimination) I’m not really someone who’s especially keen on or attracted to Big Beautiful Women (BBW), but clearly there are many authors and artists who are (perhaps including Herr Buchta)..

One such author is Aubrey Rose.

Whether it’s because she’s big and beautiful herself, I don’t know (because I don’t know what she looks like), but there are many women in the world who are and, no doubt, many men and, presumably, women who find such women attractive. And as I see no reason why large size can’t co-exist with beauty, I have no comment to make on this beyond the obvious one that  many women, perhaps tragically, fail to see that possibility and lead a life of unnecessary misery as a result.

However, it is likely that it is through the erotic fiction of Aubrey Rose, perhaps in her novel Me, Cinderella? that such otherwise unhappy women find the validation they deserve.

The reason I mention Aubrey Rose, though, is less to plug her erotic romantic fiction (which I’ll have to admit I’ve never read), but the article about her in today’s Guardian.

What I find interesting are the reasons that Aubrey has given for not wanting to be published by a reputable publisher (in this case Amazon) and to stay self-published.

As someone who has just recently registered with Kindle Direct Publishing and so far pleased with the service they provide, this is naturally of interest to me. However, as I’ve no wish to sign up an exclusivity agreement with Amazon or anyone else and as I’m not sure I want to sacrifice my anonymity for the pittance that my fiction might earn me, I’ve not been confronted with Aubrey’s dilemma.

But whatever you think of Aubrey Rose’s fiction (or mine for that matter), her reluctance to exchange self-publishing for a more conventional publishing option is an interesting sign of the times.


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