Kassandra in the backyard by *koblein

Kassandra in the backyard by *koblein

So, I’ve got an interesting comment on Literotica, interesting that is because I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a compliment or something else altogether. For those disinclined to follow the link, someone called ilresistance says:

“many of these stories are sick!”

Now, the word ‘sick’ has many meanings. It could be that ilresistance is saying that many of the stories in Literotica or just chapters of my novel The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown are perverted and vile, and metaphorically or maybe literally make him or her feel sick. After all ‘sick’ is the term used by the red-top newspapers in the UK to designate something which is obscene or beneath contempt.

It could be that the term is meant more literally, in the sense that the stories are somehow ailing or incontinent: that they may be in such ill-health that the kindest thing to do would be to put them out of their misery. If that’s so why would ilresistance pick on my story rather than one of the many rather more poorly written stories on Literotica.

However, I tend to think that ilresistance, whose name has a bit of a hip-hop feel to it, may well be using the more colloquial meaning of the word ‘sick’ which generally signifies that something is cool or really good. This is well illustrated in the classic tune “This is Sick” by Solid Groove.

However, whether good or bad, its good to get a comment on Literotica. And for those of you who are bothered, some of my fiction might be described as perverse or downright obscene, but not especially so Chapter 10 of The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown.


2 thoughts on “Sick!

  1. I have been enjoying your story “Anomaly”, finding it imaginative and enjoyable science fiction. This includes the smut parts, which I rarely object to and often enjoy in their own right from many authors.

    Chapter 11 of Part 2 was rather sick though, for me anyway, and in a bad way. Tried reading it but all the passages relating to anal rape and abuse was for me just unworkable and unwanted on any level. Not good fiction, not good porn, not enjoyable smut. Just went much too far and too repetitious with one displeasing literary device.

    I’ve not the least objection to male/male sex scenes in general. It was the heavy focus on abuse, rape, torture and what even I as a bisexual man view as far over the top sick and twisted that ruined the chapter for me. Of course I see you are trying to show these people as evil monsters, but that method worked more to repel me from reading the thing than anything else. I finally gave up on 11 skipped to chapter 12.

    I do appreciate your writing and will continue to read your work. May skip over similar passages again though, should I encounter them.


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