The Climax of Stupidity

Wingnut and Screwloose

Wingnut and Screwloose

At least that’s what I’d like to think.

The above picture by David Rapozaart at least gives some kind of visual representation of what I think of the Republican Party in America, especially as they hold the nation in jeopardy over very narrow partisan interests and threaten to close down the very government they were elected to serve.

It would be very easy for me to rant about how dreadful the Grand Old Party is, or has become, but then there aren’t many conservative or right-wing parties that I have good things to say about. Nevertheless, since I believe in freedom to choose and because the general centre of gravity in Western society (and especially America) is somewhere to the right or is at least conservatively inclined, I guess I have to accept the necessity of the continued existence of right-wing parties. Although I’d never vote for the Conservative Party (in Great Britain) or the Republican Party (even if I could), I accept that there has to be an alternation of power and that it has to somehow be on the opposite side of whatever is considered to be on the left or liberal side. Although I also think that the right-wing agenda is generally retrograde to the greater interests of humanity and the survival of the planet, there are gradations and it has to be admitted that there are some, maybe even many, people who are conservatively inclined without necessarily being cynical in their belief that serving the interests of big business and resisting the inevitable tide of change is somehow a good thing.

So, my hope is that the current suicidal behaviour of the Republican Party or at least its most lunatic wing will destroy the party for ever, even though I accept that a rational enlightened outcome would either be a re-orientation of the party to a more rational centre (as exemplified by Abraham Lincoln, Colin Powell or Eisenhower) or such an utter annihilation of the party that a more rational one may re-emerge, perhaps as a coalition of the right-wing of the Democratic Party and the embers of the Republican Party.

That’s my optimistic scenario.

The other choice is that the lunatics will well and truly take over the asylum however much poll numbers, strategic political sense and basic decency might suggest otherwise.


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