Anomaly Trilogy Volume 2: The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown

Sith Girl - Patrick Lambert

Sith Girl – Patrick Lambert

I’ve now posted the final chapter of the second volume of the Anomaly Trilogy known as The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown. I can’t say I was too surprised to see that it wasn’t as popular as the first volume, but it’s been by a rather larger margin than I perhaps expected.

I can think of several reasons for this. One is the very nature of second volumes in an epic trilogy. As a bridge between the first and third parts, the second part is always going to be the poor cousin, Another is the structure of jumping backwards and forwards in location and time which was unpopular (if necessary) in No Future which has proven not to be especially popular either in that regard. Yet another may simply be that the novel doesn’t have the same sense of suspense and intrigue of the first novel, even if some readers complained that the motifs that enabled this to happen was a little too obvious. There aren’t enough assassination attempts in the second volume.

However, I have received some praise but not in quite the same volume and this has been reflected in download statistics and votes in the various places I’ve posted this volume.


I shall now be packaging the novel for release on Kindle and the other e-book formats, as well as posting the novel as a completed e-book on my own site.

There will, of course, be a third volume in the Anomaly Trilogy (otherwise it wouldn’t be a trilogy), but before I do that I’ll be posting another novel which is set in the past rather than the future and will have a fairly straightforward linear structure.

And this will also be the case with the third volume, provisionally entitled Into The Unknowable (to maintain the Donald Rumsfeld theme) which will be published sometime next year.

In the meantime I hope more people will read the first two volumes of the Anomaly Trilogy.


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