The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown: Now in e-book Format

Into The Black

Into The Black

I’m sure I’m supposed to feel a sense of gratification and joy in having now released my latest novel to the greater world, but the truth is that it feels rather anticlimactic and a little bit stressful.

By now I should have got used to this process whereby you write a novel, format in various ways, send it off to various places, get some feedback and then it’s all done.

And that’s it.

Once a book is written and published there is a sense that it’s no longer yours. I guess that’s why so many authors (notably JRR Tolkien) could never stop revising their novels after they’d written them. And also why some novelists (notably James Joyce, Donna Tartt and Thomas Pychon) agonise so long over their books until they publish them.

In truth, my approach is rather more like Iain M Banks or Irvine Welsh. I write something I’m not sure anyone will actually enjoy but do so regardless, I do it at my own rhythm and with more concern for whatever bothers me than whatever I think would ever make my fiction commercially viable or whatever. And publish it with minimal understanding of how best to promote it.

And then when it’s out there, rather like Woody Allen and his movies, it’s somehow something that I no longer feel belongs to me.

It’s a strange sensation: perhaps a bit like seeing your teenage son or daughter run off and do stuff that’s quite different from what you’d ever expected.

Still, it’s out there now. It can be found in e-book and PDF format on my website, if you follow the following links:

  1. PDF Format
  2. E-Book Format
  3. Text Format

And soon it’ll be available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, ITunes and all those other good things.



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