Native by Daniela Uhlig

Native by Daniela Uhlig

…I have to admit being rather confused by the comments posted for my fiction as in the following links: Sometimes and Terminology. In neither case am I at all sure what the commenter, both named Anonymous, is trying to get at beyond saying that he or she doesn’t like my current novel, Glade and Ivory.

However, I would have thought that a novel that doesn’t signpost too well where it’s going would actually be rather a good thing.

The second post suggests that the terminology used in the novel is a bit confusing. This may well be so, but it is very difficult to try and produce a kind of use of language that is appropriate for a variety of Ice Age tribes with very different views of the world that isn’t contrived and awkward. I’ve attempted to resolve the dilemma by being overtly literal in my use of English and not resort to made-up words and names. As most languages give very literal names to people and objects, I thought I would do precisely that.

Of course it’s necessary to make the names relevant to the specific Ice Age tribes. Those in West Africa would never have seen Woolly Rhinoceroses, glaciers or even white-skinned people, whilst those in Europe would have been equally as ignorant of giraffes, tropical rain-forest or any kind of warm weather.

However, I’m grateful to Anonymous for having tried to have stayed with the story and I’m sure that she or he will find other stories by me that are less confusing. Although, since Glade and Ivory is rather less confusing in terms of temporal sequence or characters than my other more recent novels, maybe the best place for a Literotica reader to go would be to my set of slightly juvenile Sex Fantasies which present their own set of challenges.


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