Cottage Life

Art Nouveau II by Daniela Uhlig

Art Nouveau II by Daniela Uhlig

The above portrait is by Daniela Uhlig who features her art on DeviantArt and celebrates the fact that I’ve got a comment on Literotica by another critic called Anonymous for my short story Cottage Life.

The comment was simply to say that it was a good idea to give an account of a life of excessive drug-taking and taboo sexual activity in a fragmented diary-like format.

Cottage Life is a satire on the idealistic utopian late 1960s and some of the weird naïve attitudes of the time. It was reviewed in 2004 by Crimson Dragon.

It’s a diary by a girl called Dot and is about her relationship with her brother Bill and his friend and male lover, Sam. As might already be obvious from the names and the fact that the story is set in the Lake District, this story is a parody of Dorothy Wordsworth‘s diary. It is, in fact, a not very subtle comparison of the idealism and utopianism of the 1960s hippy movement and the Romantic poets, who in their own way were also pretty much idealistic and also heavy drug-takers (particularly Coleridge).

However, I don’t wish to suggest that William Wordsworth and any of the other romantics were quite as adventurous or deviant in their sexual behaviour as the characters in my short story.


Story Endings

Door-to-Door Prostitution by Brett Empty

Door-to-Door Prostitution by Brett Empty

The above is a picture that was made for the now-defunct website, Ruthie’s Club, where I contributed a number of stories and which were illustrated by talented artists including, in this case, Brett Empty for the short story Door-to-Door Prostitution.

Although the story was written and published over a decade ago, like many of my stories it still receives a dribble of comments from such places as Literotica. The most recent is the comment from Wisquejac in which he complains about the way the story ends.

The chief complaint is that this is the second story of mine he’s read in which the story ended abruptly and where he was expecting to read more. This puzzles me insofar as I’ve never received this complaint before and there are quite a few stories I’ve written which end much more abruptly than this one (nor do I think it ends especially prematurely). Nor do I know which of my 349 stories (including individual chapters of novels) that are featured on Literotica that he’s read.

However, it is an issue how to end a story, any story, in a satisfactory way. The end of a story, like the end of a piece of music, must somehow be appropriate to what is supposed to be achieved. If it is a horror story, a comedy or a detective story, then there must be a final sentence or paragraph that provides a twist, a punchline or a final epiphany. In other cases, the story ending is more difficult.

In Wisquejac‘s complaint is the implication that the story should be completed with an account of fresh sexual activity. He says that I am “pulling the plug from the amp just as the guitar solo begins” (which is a neat analogy I have to admit, even though I don’t like rock music much and would be quite grateful for this to happen in real life). The crux is that “it literally is like beating off for an hour and just as you are getting to the good part something stops you from completion. no satisfaction”.

I sympathise with the complaint. I suspect that wanking to a Bradley Stoke story is exactly like what has been described and I apologise unreservedly for this shortcoming on my part.

But as Wisquejac also implies, I don’t think I write my stories as masturbatory material and would refer any readers looking for tissue-fun to look elsewhere.