Cottage Life

Art Nouveau II by Daniela Uhlig

Art Nouveau II by Daniela Uhlig

The above portrait is by Daniela Uhlig who features her art on DeviantArt and celebrates the fact that I’ve got a comment on Literotica by another critic called Anonymous for my short story Cottage Life.

The comment was simply to say that it was a good idea to give an account of a life of excessive drug-taking and taboo sexual activity in a fragmented diary-like format.

Cottage Life is a satire on the idealistic utopian late 1960s and some of the weird naïve attitudes of the time. It was reviewed in 2004 by Crimson Dragon.

It’s a diary by a girl called Dot and is about her relationship with her brother Bill and his friend and male lover, Sam. As might already be obvious from the names and the fact that the story is set in the Lake District, this story is a parody of Dorothy Wordsworth‘s diary. It is, in fact, a not very subtle comparison of the idealism and utopianism of the 1960s hippy movement and the Romantic poets, who in their own way were also pretty much idealistic and also heavy drug-takers (particularly Coleridge).

However, I don’t wish to suggest that William Wordsworth and any of the other romantics were quite as adventurous or deviant in their sexual behaviour as the characters in my short story.


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