Glade and Ivory: Sequel?

017 - Dutkiewicz - WOLF SISTER - Derecha

Michael Dutkiewicz – WOLF SISTER

I’ve now finished posting all thirty chapters of Glade and Ivory to Literotica and Stories OnLine, and amongst the comments I got for the completed novel was the query about whether there would be a sequel.

The short answer, of course, is: No. There’s no plan to do anything of the sort.

I conceived the novel as being essentially cyclical where the end of Glade’s story joined up with the beginning of Ivory’s and the end of Ivory’s being at the same time as Glade’s demise.

However, it does make me wonder what sort of sequel there would be.

If, as suggested, I continued with the history of Ivory and Ptarmigan, it would be pretty much essential for there to be some kind of crisis in the small community the two young women are leading. And, furthermore, to be interesting it would have to explore a set of prehistoric issues that haven’t been covered already.

However, I think that there’s a lot else that could be written with a prehistoric setting. There are, after all, nearly a hundred thousand years of prehistory for our species alone (and many times that if I were to consider other hominid species or genera), and there are a lot of interesting subjects. There is, for instance, the initial colonisation of the Americas when the ice sheets receded at the end of the last Ice Age and the early native Americans were confronted with a cornucopia of large mammals who were, in a sense, ready for the slaughter. There are also the first few villages and cities in the prehistoric past that show a huge amount of sophistication only a few hundred years after the end of the Ice Age and before what we would now consider to be agricultural societies. And there’s also the more recent stories of the megalithic society that lived in the British Isles (including Ireland and the Orkneys) which showed a remarkable degree of cultural unity.

There’s so much to write and so little time.


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