Glade and Ivory: E-Books


Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

As I’ve now finished publishing Glade and Ivory in serial form, I have now formatted the novel in proper book form, so it can no be downloaded in its entirety.

It can be retrieved in the following formats:

  1. Free PDF:
  2. Free e-books (3 separate formats):
  3. Kindle edition:
  4. Smashwords edition:

I’m not sure there’s anything like a definitive format, so I guess it’s a matter of taste which one you fancy. However, if you use an e-book reader, you can either download it from Amazon and Smashwords or, alternatively, download from my website and physically copy the MOBI file to your Kindle or the EPUB file to most other e-books. There may even be a few people using Microsoft’s Reader, which is actually rather better formatted than some of the others.

Whichever format you choose, I hope you enjoy reading the complete novel.


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