Her Husband’s Ex

Her Husband's Ex

Her Husband’s Ex

The above image is taken from the now defunct website Ruthie’s Club where my short story Her Husband’s Ex first appeared.

The story is basically about the difficult relationship that exists between a man’s current wife and the ex-wife, in this case complicated by the fact that the husband has now started an affair with the ex-wife. This is scarcely that unusual a scenario, but it raises interesting questions about how the current wife feels about becoming just an intermission in the otherwise continuous relationship between a man and a woman. To make the story more interesting, the story involves the sexual attraction by the current wife for the previous wife.

I’ve submitted many stories that cover quite taboo subjects, such as incest, bestiality, golden showers, and so on, of which I have absolutely no first-hand experience. I’ve also submitted many stories which are much more fanciful than this, involving fantastic universes and bizarre parallel worlds. However, none of them have generated quite as much hostility as this story.

My suspicion is that the story has inadvertently struck a nerve: which is of course about the ways by which a wife can discover about her husband’s infidelity and the consequences thereof. In fact, one of the most bizarre comments was how the story was ‘barely credible’, which is choice given that most sex stories on Stories OnLine and Literotica are many times less credible (especially in terms of natural dialogue, plausible scenarios and realistic characters).

However, it is strange when some seven years after the first time the story appeared, I get a very strange comment from monkcalm at Literotica which can be found at http://www.literotica.com/stories/storyfeedbackboard.php?id=358905&pagehint=2#cid2640380.

The complaint is difficult to read because it’s all in upper case, but it seems to be a general complaint less about my story and more about the changing relationship between white males of middle-to-late years towards those who are not white, male or of increasing years. Bizarrely enough, in amongst all the illiterate, offensive bile there are a few words in lower case that say that I “write well easy to follow, nice pattern“. I’d almost prefer for someone so misogynistic and racist to have a more negative attitude. He is clearly American as can be seen by following the link to his Literotica page where the sole story he seems to like is a story about a Country & Western group that is much more popular than anything I’ve ever written, but several times less original in content and many times more likely to appeal to a certain kind of American white male. I find it difficult to credit Rod Stewart with anything like the level of artistic credibility that is propounded in Chapter 5 of Gonna Sell The Bitch’s Car. The singer is famous in the UK for almost the exact opposite (after a promising start in the early 1970s).

I was gratified to see an almost immediate rejoinder from the ubiquitous Anonymous, who points out to monkcalm that for biological reasons alone I can’t possible be a lesbian and that he shouldn’t have read a ‘cuck story’ set in the UK if that was something he so manifestly won’t enjoy. I could say the same about many readers of my stories who make similarly bizarre comments.

Also, I wasn’t aware before that this was classified as a ‘cuck story’. As far as I’m aware, it’s been classified as ‘Erotic Coupling’ which I probably chose in the absence of a better classification. I guess ‘cuck’ is short for ‘cuckold’ and stories so classified are intended to appeal to people who get their kicks from the humiliation of cuckolded husbands. Well, this is more a ‘cheating’ story I guess if you need such a classification, but since I’ve never written a story with the express intention of satisfying one sexual kink over another, even that may be a bit misleading.


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