The Boredom of Royalty - RGUS

The Boredom of Royalty – RGUS


Every now and then I do a vanity search on Google to see where my fiction is being featured. Usually it’s where I expect to find it, but often it isn’t. And sometimes in these unexpected places it’s been attributed to someone who isn’t me, is illustrated by pictures I would never choose and has words highlighted to links and products I would never endorse. So, it’s always a pleasure when such unexpected places treat my fiction with respect.

And so it with Snoggs, the website and pseudonym of Jules Artvan, a fellow author on the web and a frequent visitor to ASSTR.  He is also a talented illustrator and web designer who uses his skills to attract people not only to his own fiction but to those of other authors that he likes.

And as I am one of those authors I can only be flattered and grateful.

There are some authors on the internet who are very precious about their fiction. Their websites are sprinkled with ineffectual threats against people who really don’t give a toss about the law regarding the copyright of their fiction. No doubt they will be upset to see their fiction appear in a place that they’d never expected, but I am very grateful.

Snoggs’ selection of my fiction includes Degrees of Intimacy, No Future, Glade and Ivory and, of course, The Anomaly. As you can see from following the links, Snoggs confines himself to linking to my website rather than rehashing, rebranding or re-presenting my fiction.

Snoggs’ own taste is decidedly vanilla. He has a taste for fairy tales which is why I chose the above image by RGUS and why he features one of my more unpleasant stories: Snow White. Actually those few stories inspired by fairy tales (Cinderella, The Golden Knot and Chums of the Ring) are amongst my most unpleasant and least vanilla of my stories, which would make them a fairly bad choice for Snoggs to feature. This is, of course, because my interpretation of the spirit and ambience of fairy tales as described by, for instance, the Brothers Grimm is decidedly darker than that of, say, Walt Disney (although I’d say that his film of Snow White is remarkably dark).

So, for those of you who’re looking for somewhere else to surf my fiction, Snoggs has provided a new and invaluable service.







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