Party Slave


Party Slave – Brett Empty


The above is another illustration from the now defunct website, Ruthie’s Club, where I submitted the science fiction story Party Slave.

The reason I post this is because I recently got a very interesting comment on Literotica from Steve150177, an American of senior years keen on BDSM and disarmingly honest about himself. His comment is as follows:

This story clearly illustrates the 2nd reason that real (as opposed to consensual) slavery is always evil.

The 1st reason is because of what it does to the slaves.

The 2nd reason is because of what it does to the slave owners.

The 3rd reason is because of how it retards technological progress in society as a whole.
. . . . Notice that the Age of Enlightenment began after the Black Death had undermined the basis of the serf system by killing so many of all classes off.

It’s an interesting comment and, it has to be said, not the kind I normally receive from those into BDSM who comment on my fiction. As I have no real understanding of the appeal for Bondage, Submission or Sado-Masochism, it is generally only a tribute to my imagination that any one keen on such things would enjoy such fiction.

I’m sure this analysis isn’t entirely original, but I’ve never come across it before and I must say it is very compelling. The story Party Slave is indeed about how someone from a society where there is no slavery (and black as well) becomes socialised into a slave-owning culture and (in this case) legitimised cruelty. This, as Steve150177 points out, exemplifies the negative affect the institute of slavery has on those who are not slaves (and illustrated very well in the film Twelve Years a Slave where Steve McQueen is remarkably sympathetic to slave-owners).

The other point regarding the economic impact of slavery is interesting and almost certainly valid. I’m not sure how true it is of Mediaeval Europe which at the time wasn’t quite a slave-owning society but one where a high proportion of the population were serfs. I think that slaves have even fewer rights than serfs, but it is well testified that when the value of labour increases due to, for instance, the Black Death the economy as a whole benefits. Cheap labour only benefits employers and then only in the short term. Generally, the case is that a fair distribution of wealth bolsters demand and brings about other desirable side-effects such as lower crime, social stability and a greater incentive to enhance marketable skills.

I also recall a reference in the book Team of Rivals on which the film LIncoln is based where there is a description of the Southern States compared to the North which showed how relatively impoverished the South was both as a result of slavery and used as its justification.

And this, probably more than the example of the Black Death, is a good example of the third reason why slavery is always evil that Steve150177 mentions (and a lot closer to home, even in Colorado).






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