The Unknowable Reality

Bernard DuMaine

Bernard DuMaine

I will be totally out of my depth if I pursue an on-line discussion about modern physics and speculation about the nature of reality. All I can say on the matter is that it is genuinely far more mind-blowing than the average person is aware of and that the implications of much of the discussion only further marginalises human existence and human vanity.

For instance, the very notion of the Planck’s Constant raises weird questions that I find fascinating but ones I don’t know how I could possibly use in fiction. For instance, Hawking’s Radiation is predicated on the idea that in the space between the smallest possible measurements are events that can cause a black hole to essentially leak and therefore resolve the information dilemma that a Black Hole presents. I also wonder how such things as the Planck Number holds up in eleven dimensions. There’s also the related but intriguing question of the reality of infinitesimals or, for that matter, infinities. Can such a thing as an infinity or an eternity (let alone an infinitesimal) exist in the real world? Or are they just mathematical constructs like the square root of -1 that has a reality away from most people’s direct experience of the world.

I’m not the person to come to for answers on such issues.

I’ve always presented my fiction as satire rather than hard science fiction (or even realistic fiction). I am generally more willing to stretch credibility and, to a certain extent, current understanding of science, to make a satirical point if I think it’s justified. And in the Anomaly Trilogy, my concern with the plausibility of virtual reality has more to do with contemporary issues about the nature of our interaction with technology than a deep belief that we really do only live inside a virtual universe.

But who’s to say for sure that we aren’t?





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