For the first time since April 2008, I’ve just uploaded a short story onto the internet. It’s called Disgust and is available not only as an HTML page but also as a PDF file and in various e-book formats.

As you can tell from the title, this isn’t a short story designed to appeal to fans of romantic comedy, but I can assure any worried female reader it is misanthropic rather than misogynistic. It also doesn’t spend any time at all describing sexual activities that most people would describe as disgusting.

It’s also unlikely to be a firm favourite of the average reader of stories in Literotica or Stories OnLine, but nevertheless I’ve made it available on both sites, although at the time of writing it’s still waiting to be published.

It’s much more difficult writing short stories than it is longer pieces of work and Disgust is, in any case, more a character study than anything else. But there are plenty other short stories I’ve written that are pretty much like that.

However, why would I ever choose to write a short story if it’s so much more difficult to write? Well, short stories enable you to explore ideas which are just not the material for a longer piece of work and also to cover rather more varied ground than it’s ever possible to do in a novel.

And so it is with Disgust.

I hope you enjoy it.




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