The Imposter

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria


This is notice that I’ve just posted another short story, this time called The Imposter.

It won’t take long for readers to realise that it shares many features in common with my last short story: Disgust. Both stories are concerned with the detrimental effect of inequality on society and both deal with the peculiar double-standards that the ruling elite use to justify their hegemony: although in the case of my latest short story it’s not so much hypocrisy but an attitude of automatically assumed superiority.

Like many of my short stories (such as The Shoebox, Virgin Gold and Bukkake Business) the story is set in a kind of alternative present which has many elements in common with the world we live in but is jarringly different (but generally for satirical purposes). If anyone is actually interested, the inspiration for this short story came from a book I recently read about the class system in Classical Rome which, to my mind, has a lot of parallels with the 19th Century British Class System which was essentially an odd mixture of the enlightened with the appalling, but, in the case of Classical Rome, had a disconcerting openness about sex with an equally disconcertingly open acceptance of sexual exploitation justified in terms of proprietary ownership and class.

However, it’s still very unlikely to be amongst my favourite stories amongst readers, despite there being rather a lot more sex than in an average Bradley Stoke story. This is not a pleasant rom-com happy-ending kind of story with sympathetic characters and cuddly and loveable animals.


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