I Remember Erewhon

Erewhon - Samuel Butler

Erewhon – Samuel Butler

I don’t know how many people have read the novel Erewhon by Samuel Butler, but it’s not really a book I’d recommend. It’s a satire set in an imaginary place that resembled the New Zealand where he’d made his fortune and the Victorian England he was less than enamoured of. I found his satire rather heavy-handed and obvious, rather like the name he gave to the place (and such memorable characters as Yram and Senoj Nosnibor) whose origin is pretty well obvious.

But thanks to Samuel Butler, I’m able to take a literary reference and use it as part of the title of my latest short story, I Remember Erewhon, which in actual fact has very little to do with the original novel beyond the use of his fictional invention.

The closest influences for this short story are actually Iain Banks‘ novel The Bridge and Irvine Welsh’s Marabou Stork Nightmares. It’s not science-fiction, but it does have something in common with fantasy and it’s the nearest to an autobiography I’ve ever written.



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