Sliding Sideways

Sliding Sideways

Sliding Sideways

If you’ve visited Lush Stories recently, you may well have noticed that my short story Sliding Sideways has recently been awarded a Recommended Read (Recommended Read) icon.

This honour has been awarded by SITTING who is one of the moderators on Lush Stories.

Obviously, I am very pleased to be awarded this honour.

Sliding Sideways was originally written for the now defunct website Ruthie’s Club (from which the above illustration by Brett Empty has come) and was also reviewed on Literotica. It’s a science fiction story that plays around with the idea of sliding though parallel universes and the loneliness and disorientation this produces. It obviously owes something to the movie Sliding Doors (although the parallels with the romance starring Gwyneth Paltrow is very limited other than for the science fiction premise).

So, what benefit has this award brought me?

In truth, very little. Although this story has so far been downloaded over 600 times and has been awarded top marks by seven readers, it is neither my top-ranking story on Lush Stories nor my most read (those honours go to Waiting for the Longships and Virgin Gold respectively). In fact, so far Virgin Gold has been downloaded by 30 times as many Lush Stories readers.

So, what does that say about the Recommended Read award?

Well, I think most readers on Lush Stories are looking for sex stories rather than Science Fiction and what they most like are relatively non-threatening stories which tease around the edges of what is more dangerous and taboo without actually diving in too deep or too dark.

And who can blame them for that?





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