Fifty Shades of Movie Adaptation

Marm: Spanking

Marm: Spanking

It would be very easy to mock the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. And of course many rather better writers than me have beaten me in the rush. And the reliably hilarious Hadley Freeman has already written her interesting take on the movie in the Guardian.

However, I was rather taken by an article, also in the Guardian, which takes a rather different view of the BDSM aspect of the book and the movie, and, rather more intriguingly for me, an explanation as to why all this nonsense about restraint and spanking and so on has so much genuine erotic appeal for so many people. In fact, the way Brad Sagarin describes it rather makes me wonder what I’ve been missing. There is even an associated website, The Science of BDSM, which looks rather more worthy than titillating that presumably goes into the psychological attraction of all the rituals and the associated pleasure and pain.

So, I guess we can attribute the remarkable appeal of Fifty Shades of Grey, both book and film, to the even more remarkable appeal of Bondage, Domination and Submission.

However, I’ve produced fiction in a very similar world as EL James originally did when she self-published her novels namely on and also published a novel under her original nym of Snowqueens Icedragon with the title Master of the Universe which is probably every bit as good as her final published work and that I doubt whether you can now easily download. So, I can be forgiven for fantasising who I’d like to have directing a film of any of my novels and who’d perform in it.

Well, I’ve not seen the film of Fifty Shades of Grey and I’m not sure I ever will, but the accounts seem to suggest that Sam Taylor-Johnson hasn’t done a bad job and that both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan do better than could be expected with the source material. But I’m not sure that these are really the ideal people for a film of any of my books.

However, truth be told I’d be lucky to have even one of my books directed by the likes of Axel Braun or Nick Moore starring some C-list celebrities or aging porn stars and headed straight to DVD without ever gracing an Odeon or a Cineworld Multiplex.

So, EL James (aka Erika Mitchell) has clearly done far better than me in that regard and it would be wrong to say anything unkind either about her or her fiction.

But I can’t help wondering whether I could compile a rather better soundtrack for any movies made from my fiction than that collated on EL James’ website.



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