Cards Game by Dendory

Cards Game by Dendory

Some observant readers may have been aware when googling (or binging or safari-ing or whatever) for my stories that instead of finding them hosted on, the charity-financed sex stories site, that they find them on a server called

This may come as a bit of surprise to such users, who may on the one hand be pleased by the faster server speed, but frustrated by the tendency for windows to appear that re-direct them to pornographic pay websites (which would never be permitted by

So, what is Well, I don’t know who the mastermind behind the site is, but it is easy to describe what it is. Basically, the entirety of up to this very day has been copied to a new server and then presented as essentially the real thing with all its disclaimers, FAQs and pleas for donations.

However, it is more than just a copy. The process has also replaced every link to a page on to one on and either inserted or replaced existing text in the html <script> section with some new script.

On my site, this has the effect that the javascript I used to, for instance, link to e-books or format the reviews as pop-up boxes, now does not work at all. What it means for all sites (including my own) is that all HTML pages, wherever they are, now offer the following features:

  1. A link to Literotica for iPad or iPhone users to advertise Literotica’s iPhone site (“… and let us know what you think.”)
  2. A page tracker to record where a user goes when they exit the site.
  3. A Google Tag Manager which I suspect is what drives the appearance of all the adverts.

So, what is the problem with this site?

The first is, of course, that it is pretending to be something that it isn’t, even though it might be offering readers a faster download speed while also taking off some of the load from’s hard working server.

The second is that it now does what many users probably come to to avoid, which is to be re-directed to sites they wouldn’t otherwise visit, and to be subject to adverts and tracking software.

The third is that in the case of the very few authors who provide more than static HTML the websites now basically don’t work the way they should do. There might be some people who’ve stumbled on who might be somewhat frustrated at their inability to download any of my e-books.

However, whatever else this website can be described as, it is certainly fast at copying pages from the original site. While writing this blog I also uploaded a new version of one of my website’s pages to and already (almost immediately) the equivalent page on has been refreshed although not all the links work properly yet.

So, what can we do about this pirate site?

I’m not sure, but I suspect that there are many people who would be much more irate than me about the site and they are the ones who may be most likely to make the necessary stink. And, besides the administrators of (who labour for nothing) and the authors (many of which are exceptionally easy to rile) or readers (who mostly prefer to stay anonymous), this includes Literotica who may very well object to having their iPhone website advertised in this underhand manner.


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